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         Welcome to our web site! We are pleased to introduce to you to RSC, Inc. “A Quality Construction Company”, and we thank you, the discriminating homeowner and/or architect for taking the time to learn more about us. RSC, Inc. is a small construction company based in Jackson Hole,Wyoming. No doubt, you are aware of the spectacular, natural beauty that is Jackson Hole. At RSC, Inc. we endeavor to help you enjoy this natural splendor with architecture that enhances our natural surroundings. We are proud to be part of the Jackson Hole building community, and are pleased that you may consider us for your next building project. RSC, Inc. was founded, and is operated by Robert Strohmenger. For over thirty years Bob has performed with excellence in the field of custom home building and light commercial construction. He has learned and passed on the traditions of carpenters and joiners, and has a wealth of experience in the home-building arena. At RSC we have learned to integrate “Old World Craftsmanship” with “Modern Technologies” to provide a home that will meet or exceed your expectations. It is our trademark to routinely tackle the most challenging details, using all the care and skill that go into creating something special. Since 1996, RSC has provided for the Jackson Hole area, a construction company which expects from its staff and crew, the very highest in quality. Our attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and knowledge of the trades give us a technical advantage over other construction companies. RSC is well equipped, has the finesse to handle small projects, and the experience to build the larger homes that are quite popular in our community. We have developed a network of depend-able tradesmen and suppliers to ensure that all facets of construction run smoothly. RSC projects are typically well organized, efficient, completed on schedule and within budget. RSC welcomes your inquiries, and looks forward to establishing a bond of trust with each and every client. It is our objective to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with all whom we do business. So please, continue on and peruse our web site. We sincerely hope that you will see the value we have to offer.




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