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We welcome this opportunity to relay to you our company's history and philosophies.



Robert Strohmenger (President) was born into a farm family in Wisconsin in the 1950’s. He was raised in a rural area primarily populated by the hard-working descendents of German immigrants. It was this atmosphere which fostered an appreciation for diligence, precision, and a commitment to excellence. After graduating from the Madison Area Technological College (Madison, Wisconsin) in 1976, Bob entered the work force as a carpenter building custom homes. In the years following, he gained experience in all of the related fields including, stair building, cabinetmaking, millwork, and furniture-making. In 1989 he moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to continue his trade in the high-end home building arena. He spent seven years working with Ram Construction. In this environment he was able to flourish as a craftsman, as there has long been a demand for the type of skilled artisans it takes to produce the high-end homes built in our area. Along the way, he gained valuable experience in log building and timber work. In 1996 Robert struck out on his own into the business world, first as "Robert Strohmenger Carpentry", then evolving into "RSC, Inc." In this realm, Bob has been able to continue the pursuit of his passion for quality, as well as efficiency, and knowledge in the building trade. All of this translates into valuable information to discriminating homeowners who may wish to have a home that is "Built to Last", who may be looking for a contractor who will commit himself to building or remodeling a home. Today RSC, Inc. has the well-earned reputation of being a "First Rate Outfit". We have a track record of leaving behind satisfied customers, and a job well done. We typically employ anywhere from five to fifteen employees, always with the emphasis on hiring the best personnel we are able to obtain. We look for people who have the same ideas about quality workmanship, and a willingness to excel. We fully recognize that the key to success in any endeavor, particularly building someone’s dream home is to have a staff of experienced, contented, and willing workers.
Mission Statement 

At RSC, Inc. we endeavor to provide each client with maximum value. This is not to be confused with low cost, but simply the highest level of quality, completed in the most efficient manner possible. We provide service to clients from a wide range of financial means. We are able to hand craft the finest and most exquisite of materials, as well as the more common of modern building products. The common denominators through it all are quality and efficiency. RSC is ready to serve you as a "General Contractor", as a "Building Contractor" providing all carpentry labor to build a complete home, or as an "Interior Trim Subcontractor". In the case of interior trim subcontracting, we are often times requested to perform the interior trim work to a very high level. It may be a difficult task for you to find that level of skill in the labor market. It is, however, well within the skill level of our crew, and it is entirely consistent with our standard practice of quality and efficiency. At RSC we strongly subscribe to the philosophy that the task of building a truly custom home is best done by highly-skilled artisans who perform all of the carpentry phases from start to finish. In this manner great care can be exerted to produce the best product possible. Along that same line of thought, we routinely employ a host of highly trusted and vastly experienced subcontractors to perform all other tasks and trades associated with building your home.                                               
Business Practices 

RSC, Inc. practices "Open Invoice" accounting methods. Our accounting and record keeping is performed digitally, as well as some hard copy records. Most of it is performed in house, and is overseen and monitored by a local accounting firm. Time sheets, material invoices, logs and ledgers are kept for each project, much of it is digital as well. Much of our work is performed on a "Time & Materials"or a "Cost Plus" basis. We have found that we can provide the most "Cost Efficiency" for our clients when we practice these methods, and submit monthly invoicing. All invoicing is "Transparent Invoicing", where our client receives a copy of every time sheet, materials invoice, and subcontractor’s invoice. On occasion we will perform on a "Fixed Bid" format.                                                            
Cost Estimating 

Through the years, we have refined our estimating practices to the point where we consistently are able to accurately predict costs. This is the result of accurate record keeping. To estimate accurately and thoroughly can take considerable time and effort. We may be selective regarding when and for whom we enter the estimating process. We are accustomed to working within a budget. We believe in being flexible with our pricing in order to provide our clients with the "Products" they desire. By this we mean that if cost becomes an issue, we will explore other options to help our clients continue the building process with less costly alternatives.                      


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